This site has been created to provide further information for those considering studying at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. The virtual tours are designed to provide users with an immersive experience of the facilities available on our campuses. We hope that this site will prove particularly useful to anyone considering a visit or unable to attend one of our open days. The tour website is comprised of several large images as well as multimedia content, so it is recommend that you use a device connected to Wi-Fi if you wish to conserve your data allowance on mobile devices. This site and all of its content has been created and developed 'in-house' by the faculty’s TELMeD (Technology Enhanced Learning for Medicine and Dentistry) team. For more information on what the team do, please click the TELMeD logo at the bottom centre of any page. This will take you to a dedicated page on the main university website.

How to use the tours

Select an area of interest and choose a tour from the menu on the top navigation bar or from the picture grid in the main content area. Then:

  • To navigate a scene on a PC or Mac, click and drag with the mouse or trackpad to change the viewing angle of the scene in 360 degrees.
  • To navigate a scene on a tablet or mobile device, tap and drag your finger on the screen, or move your tablet around you, to change the viewing angle of the scene in 360 degrees.
  • Click the full screen button at the bottom right of the scene to view the tour in full screen mode (please note that this feature not compatible with Apple iOS devices).
  • If you have a VR (Virtual Reality) enabled mobile device, such as a Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR, you can select the icon in the top right of the tour window and place your device in the holder. You will then be able to navigate the tour as an immersive VR experience.
  • For other VR devices, such as the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, navigate to your browser within the headset and access the site as you would a normal website. Then click the VR button in the top right of the tour scene.

Consent and data protection

Data protection and consent is something the university takes extremely seriously. While capturing images for this tour we have taken all necessary steps to gain explicit consent wherever possible after seeking professional advice and complying with university policies. If you wish to have yourself removed or blurred out from any images in which you feature, then please follow these steps below.

  • Contact Telmed by email - telmed@plymouth.ac.uk
  • In the subject area of the email, specify "Virtual Tour Removal Request"
  • In the email, please specify the name of the scene and copy and paste the web address that features the face to be blurred.
  • Please provide your full name so that we can identify you and update our records if you wish to withdraw your written consent.
  • To the best of your ability, describe yourself in the picture (distinguishing features, clothing etc).
  • Provide contact details on how we may get hold of you in addition to email, if necessary. We may need to contact you to confirm the correct person for the purpose of processing your request.
  • We will advise you once your request has been actioned. We will endeavour to do this as soon as possible upon receipt of the information required to identify you in the image(s) concerned.